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Whether you are looking for an apartment, loft, condo, or house in the Windy City, we have the resources and client service experience to make this significant purchase both simple and satisfying—as our many contented clients will tell you!

We hired James after our Redfin agent let three deals fall through. We were very discouraged by our house not being able to find a committed buyer. Upon hiring James we saw a pickup in activity and we were under contract within a month. James has the personality you want from a good agent. He is friendly, professional, easy to talk to, and not overly pushy as some real estate agents can be. I recommended him to a friend of mine and he treated then very well and sold their house quickly and at a good price.
Chad E.
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James was a late introduction into our search for a home, as we had become bogged down and frustrated with the process as it stood. He is a very engaging and straight talking professional who will not hesitate to challenge and rebut the inconsistencies and nonsense which can appear during these transactions. He is a true client advocate A good find who I would recommend to anyone.
Phil G
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I met James as a first time home buyer and came away really impressed with his work ethic and knowledge of real estate. He also has a detailed eye which helped us spot the good from the bad. In addition, he was able to connect me with a broker and lawyer(both of which were good experiences) which made the whole process even smoother. I was able to close on a unit quicker than I thought and still very happy with my decision. I would highly recommend James.
Terry F
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We worked with James on the sale of our condo. He was knowledgeable about the state of the market, our property's value and the comps in the area. His judgment in the value of our home was spot on. He helped us make a significant amount over what we had thought the price of our home would be. I recommend him to anyone I can as we had such a successful experience working with him.
Erenn L.G.
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I worked with James to buy a home for our expanding family in Lincoln Square. James is a professional from start to finish. He is honest and up front. He doesn't pretend he is an expert in something he is not, he will seek out the answers if needed, which I found very refreshing from my experience working with other realtors in the past. With so much information readily available when looking for properties it's great to have an expert guide you through the process and look at properties from a different perspective than a buyer who might be more interested in aesthetics of a property or a specific area. James looks at a property from all the angles. He also did an excellent job during the negotiations dealing which were at times very sensitive. I highly recommend James.
Alan D
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As two complete novices to the Chicago area / property game James was an incredible help and couldn't recommend him highly enough. Not only did he steer us towards properties / areas that we were absolutely suited to, he also pointed out on several occasions what was not a good buy. For example his keen eye pointed to damp patches painted over, disintegrating brick work, areas of high rodent activity, things that we would of never spotted and subsequently could have made the wrong decision. Although he was quick to point out flaws with a property he was never pushy and allowed us time to gather our own thoughts. We viewed a lot of properties and he was always willing, able, focused and articulate giving us great insight to his wealth of knowledge. My biggest compliment was his rapport with all agents/ lawyers / brokers. He walked us through every step of the process and had a smile on his face the whole way through ! Top man and can't thank him enough.
James H
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My wife and I hired James to sell our townhouse in Lincoln Park; it was the best decision we could have made! I am a hard client. I ask an ungodly amount of questions, run countless hypotheticals and generally overthink even the most basic of things. To make matters worse, our 2nd child was fast approaching and our first child was...a 2 year old... We needed to sell our place pronto but for a good price and with absolutely zero uncertainty. James was nothing short of phenomenal. He knows the Chicago markets very well and had data to support his suggested listing price and listing date. He has a great eye for staging and for design. We had some large furniture items and were blind to how they made the rooms feel small. James didn't hesitate in suggesting we put certain items in storage. He couldn't have been more right. We needed someone to tell us that. James worked his tail off to show our property as much as was needed and throughout all hours of the day and night. James secured 4 offers at or above our asking price and several more that very close to our asking price. He was able to describe each offer to us in a way we could both understand. And he was able to read into the interactions he had with each potential buyer/agent to infer how personalities may impact the sale. We closed on the sale and with a solid four weeks to go before #2 entered our lives. We're indebted to James for his hard work, his intelligence and his ability to deliver. A true professional and a genuinely good guy. We highly recommend!"
Tyler K
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